City Dox: your sustainable district focused on the future


City Dox is a sustainable, dynamic and innovative property project situated at the heart of Brussels, and carefully designed to offer its occupants a setting where it is a pleasure to both live and work. Discover the numerous advantages of this new district open to diversity.

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A real neighbourhood life in the city centre

We have imagined the City Dox property project as a mixed and lively district in which families, people of all ages and from every background, businesses and private individuals all mix together.

This green environment, bordered by parks and gardens, accommodates new residential buildings with apartments and studios, modulable offices for businesses, areas adapted for retail outlets, a rest and healthcare home as well as numerous spaces dedicated to productive activities.

This diversity within City Dox guarantees its occupants, be they residents or professionals, an exceptional setting, facilitated by a varied infrastructure.

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The highest social and environmental standards

Because today environmental and social questions are at the forefront of everybody’s minds, City Dox has been thought through in terms of respecting new standards and in a way to actively respond to the legitimate concerns of its future occupants.

The district offers the private individuals and business companies who move into it developments which meet the highest requirements in terms of environmental responsibility, energy optimisation and respect for social diversity.

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    Renewable energies

    The district is equipped with photovoltaic panels which generate green energy and supply power to the shared areas.

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    Water management

    The rainwater is collected, filtered and used to water the communal gardens and supply the sanitary facilities.

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    Waste management

    Buried Malok containers replace bin liners for an efficient and responsible management of waste.

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    Soft mobility

    City Dox valorises soft mobility: rapid access to public transport, laid out bicycle paths, closed and secure closed parking spaces for bicycles and cargo bikes. In order to guarantee peace and quiet in the district and the wellbeing of its occupants, only pedestrians and cyclists can move around between the buildings.


A district as a reflection of the city of Brussels

City Dox is a quickly developing district rooted in a constantly moving city. The residents and businesses who move into the new district actively participate in the positive evolution of the city, its diversity and its economic, social and cultural activity.

Near to the Brussels city centre, the Forest National, the Wiels art centre or the Royale Union Saint-Gilloise football club, City Dox is located in an environment suffused in dynamism, testament to significant sociocultural activity, where the future of the European capital is taking shape.

Quality within everyone’s reach

Owing to its numerous advantages, City Dox guarantees a quality of life which is incomparable and rich in experiences. Whether you are looking to take up residence, begin new personal adventures, establish your business in new offices offering your employees a hyper-dynamic setting, to invest smartly in a quickly evolving district, City Dox is opening its doors and providing you with solutions adapted to your situation and your personal and professional expectations.

The values we strongly believe in


City Dox is a forward-looking project which offers an innovative vision of the district of tomorrow: a modern architecture, bright and open to the exterior, an environmentally responsible building management, and the wellbeing of its occupants being at the forefront of its priorities.


This new district located in Anderlecht dovetails with the continuity of the Brussels urban fabric, whose diversity and dynamism we have wished to respect. Multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-functional, City Dox is open to people of all ages, of all backgrounds and all activity sectors.


With numerous environmentally responsible solutions, we have designed City Dox as a nature respecting environment, but which also respects its inhabitants. This respect, expressed through the project’s ambitions, makes the district inevitably welcoming and accessible to all.


City Dox is a resolute project which responds positively to the complexities of our contemporary societies and property markets. In order to do so, this innovative district has been thought through and built by making it a point of honour to express positively our vision of the future of our societies.