Your productive activity at City Dox

The City Dox district, located in Anderlecht, places at your disposal areas of around 10,000 m2 earmarked for every type of productive activity. You will also contribute to the flourishing of this dynamic district, environmentally friendly and respectful of social life, at the very heart of the city of Brussels.

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Develop productive activities in Brussels

City Dox is a sustainable, diversified and innovative project playing an important part in Brussels urban life. This district, through its strategic location in Anderlecht, is opening up to the economic and creative development of the city by offering numerous spaces (2,800 m2) ready to accommodate your ambitious and breakthrough projects. City Dox thus enables the creation and the expansion of productive activities which lead to the development of goods and services flourishing at a local level.

The aims

  • Accommodate creative productive activity projects in various sectors
  • Actively include actors contributing to economic and social life in the Brussels City Dox district
  • Offer a sustainable, local and circular model of the production and consumption of goods and services

A variety of productive activities

  • Artisan – Manufacturer – Trader – Producer – Restaurateur – Logistics firms – Mechanic – Electrician – Plumber – Trainer
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The advantages of City Dox for your activity


Embedded at the very heart of the city, City Dox is located in Anderlecht, near the Brussels ring road and the Bruxelles-Midi international train station. Widely served by public transport, the site and its surrounding areas are made easily accessible both on foot and by bicycle thanks to wide pavements and wide bicycle paths. The district is provided with both underground parking spaces and closed bicycle parking premises.

Modularity and flexibility

The 2,800 m2 of retail areas are divisible and modulable into activity zones of 140m2 or more.

Adapted spaces

The spaces available can accommodate all kinds of productive activities and can be adapted to your needs: shop windows, ceilings with a height of 6 m, showrooms, unloading dock, etc.


City Dox is a multi-generational and multifunctional district which brings together accommodation units, offices, retail areas and areas for every type of productive activity.

High social and environmental requirements

In establishing your productive activity within City Dox, it becomes part of a neighbourhood dynamic, which is respectful of nature and of its occupants.

Our buildings offer high-energy performances owing to, amongst others, the use of renewable energies and efficient and ecological management of water and waste.

The City Dox district offers its occupants, be they residents or workers, an ideal personal and professional development context. Its green environment, its bright spaces and its strategic location at the heart of the city of Brussels make this district a living and business space which fully match your ambitions.

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A district which also accommodates enterprises

An enterprise or company looking for offices in Brussels, in a fast-growing dynamic district? Discover White Angle, over 10,000 m2 of modulable workspaces in a flourishing, easily accessible and stimulating environment for you and your employees.

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