Your new district alongside the Canal

City Dox is a brand new district with singular charm, where the gentleness of the surroundings, the peacefulness of life at the water’s edge and small town centre facilities mix. Ideally situated at the gateway to the city alongside the Canal, City Dox is a multi-generational, multifunctional district where quality new and affordable homes, rest homes, shops, businesses and soon a school mingle in a green setting surrounded by parks and gardens.

An ideal location at the gateway to the city

5 minutes from the Gare du Midi and from the Ringroad, the district is very well served by public transport. Cyclists can get there safely along wide cycle lanes and can leave their bicycles in secure indoor bicycle docks.

An eco-responsible district

Soft mobility for a peaceful, congenial way of life

In the district, only pedestrians and cyclists can transit the paths and alleyways alongside the buildings and bordering the gardens and parks.

Priority to renewable energies

All the roofs of the residential buildings are fitted with photovoltaic panels.

Effective water management

Recovery and treatment of grey waters to water the plants and flush the toilets. Recycling coupled with a calorie recovery procedure (grey waters are very often at temperatures of over 20ºC) also suppose an energy gain.

Separated and effective waste management

Goodbye bin bags, City Dox has opted for buried ‘Molok®’ containers.


An allotment created for and by the residents of the Rest Home and soon vegetable pots also designed to be accessible to persons of reduced mobility.

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Architectural quality

City Dox: District of architectural excellence and diversity!

Our strategy has been to call on different architects firms to design the different blocks and propose an original and harmonious vision of the district. This competition has stimulated the emergence of innovative proposals, for mixed, more fluid buildings open onto their environment.

6 reasons for choosing City Dox

1. Ideal location at the gateway to the city and alongside the canal
2. High–quality living environment with green areas and landscaped gardens
3. Day-to-day amenities
4. Walkways along the canal banks
5. Exceptional accessibility
6. Eco-responsible and original vision



Productive activities

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