City Dox, a sustainable district

City Dox is a new district located in the heart of Brussels, in Anderlecht, where accommodation units, offices, productive activities and retail areas mix together. Envisaged to meet the highest environmental and social requirements, City Dox positions itself as a sustainable property project, from the construction site to its completion. Forward-looking, the district aims to be respectful of nature and its occupants.

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An environmentally responsible construction site

In the interests of respect for the environment and to reduce the constructions site’s impact on it, several solutions have been implemented.

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    Management of polluted soils

    Built on formerly industrial wasteland, the district was subject to a process of depollution before construction work commenced.

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    Natural materials

    The architects have designed environmentally responsible and sustainable buildings with materials which meet the environmental norms in force, with a view to making the buildings viable in the long term.

    City Dox and the whole of its infrastructure have been thought through to meet the highest expectations as regards energy optimisation and the wellbeing of its occupants.

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    Renewable energies

    Photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the buildings enable the communal spaces to be powered by green electricity.

Water management

In order to limit the consumption of drinkable water, rainwater and wastewater are collected and filtered. They can then be used to water the shared garden and supply the flushing appliances in the sanitary facilities.

Waste management

Molok semi-buried containers have been installed in order to reduce the abusive use of bin liners and provide a practical and environmentally responsible management of waste.

Soft mobility

Wide bicycle paths and secure parking spaces for bicycles have been established on-site in order to encourage soft mobility and ensure the peace and quiet of the district’s passers-by and occupants.
The Park Side residence

Valorisation of productive activities

City Dox valorises circular models of local production and consumption. With this in mind, the district has available 2,800 m of areas dedicated to productive activities. Anyone who wishes to develop a goods or services production activity on a small or medium scale can thus contribute, by including the district, to its economic and social life.

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A district which advocates diversity

City Dox is a district which maintains diversity by means of its multi-functional, multi-cultural and multi-generational aspects. The plurality of the people of different backgrounds who occupy the district reflects the sheer diversity of its infrastructure and of its usefulness. The accommodation units, the offices and the retail areas available have been meticulously thought through to meet the expectations of residents, workers, artisans and traders who will come to settle in the district. As a whole, the project reflects the social diversity of the Brussels urban fabric and offers its occupants a district to match.

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Wellbeing, a priority

City Dox offers the residents and workers who move into it a dynamic setting and a green environment where it is a pleasure to live and work. Along the canal side and bordered by green spaces, the district offers peace and quiet, a few minutes away from the city centre. This rapidly growing district reflects Brussels’ creative and social evolution.

A smart investment

Would you like to invest in a sustainable and sought after district of Brussels? Make a smart contribution to the future of society by buying a property which meets the growing demand for rental properties. Our apartments and studios in the Park Side building and their strategic location in Anderlecht guarantee you a high-return property investment.

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